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SMSF Audits is a specialist independent SMSF auditor dedicated to providing high quality, professional SMSF audit services to accounting firms and SMSF administrators across Australia. With 25 years’ experience we are the largest and most experienced provider of SMSF Audit services in Australia.

We provide our client partner firms with timely and cost-effective SMSF audit solutions by operating within an efficient, compliant and confidential framework.

We are able to offer a truly independent, SMSF specialist service. Our business is SMSF Audits! Our focus on SMSF audits means that our client partner firms are working with one of the most technically astute SMSF audit teams in Australia – your data is safe with us.

With over twenty five years of auditing experience, our team at SMSF Audits provide a wealth of specialist knowledge and hands-on experience. You can have confidence you’re your SMSF audits are completed by our experienced Directors, not by junior accountants or offshore.

SMSF Audits is the number one choice for both small and large accounting, administration and financial services firms Australia wide. Our reputation is built on independence, technical capability, professionalism and most importantly, our ability to build quality, long term relationships with our client partner firms.

With 25 years’ experience we are qualified accountants with specialist backgrounds in SMSF, auditing and taxation

Our business is self managed super funds, we specialise in the highest quality, ATO compliant audits

We are truly independent with no conflict of interest with firms or practices

With an extensive 280-strong client base from Port Douglas to Perth, we audit several thousand super funds annually

Know what you’re paying and who you’re dealing with. Our team are there to support you every step of the way

We won’t ever outsource any of our work. We understand the complex legal framework of Self Managed Super Funds compliance and auditing

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