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We are Australia’s leaders in Self Managed Superannuation Fund Audits.

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We provide fast, reliable and cost effective SMSF Audit services to the SMSF Accountants, SMSF Advisers and SMSF Trustees.

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The size of your firm is not a concern for us, our SMSF Outsourcing service packages cater to all kinds of Accounting and Financial Planning firms.

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We at Dhan specialise in accounting outsourcing, tax outsourcing as well as bookkeeping.

Looking for a High-Class SMSF Auditing Services?
Quick Turnaround
Most of the funds are processed under a week’s time.
Flat Fees
Flat fees- No hidden costs or extra charges.
Audit independence is maintained.
Several automated systems save time for accounting & financial planning firms.

Who we are

We are Australia’s leading provider of audit services for Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF). As AISC registered SMSF auditors, we service Accounting Firms in Australia.

We boost productivity with our effective expert framework, streamlined processes and systems, quick turnaround, data security and independent SMSF Audits at flat rates that makes it easier for you to manage your SMSF costs.

With several years of experience, we provide seamless auditing services that meets ATO requirements. We take care of all mundane tasks related to auditing, making things flawless and hassle-free for you while keeping you up-to-date with your on-going SMSF audit work.

Organised, accurate, quality… we do not just improve your SMSF audit, we revolutionise your business!

We are Diffrent!
Deals with accounting and financial planning firms

SMSF Audits Pty Ltd only deal with accounting and financial planning firms to provide the SMSF Audit services in bulk.

Flat fee structure

Our fee structure is simple and compelling. We have flat fee structure which gives you peace of mind.

Trusted SMSF Audit solution.

As an Australian SMSF Audit firm you can be assured you are dealing with SMSF Auditors with the high level of expertise and quality of service.

Why Choose Us?
Quality work

With passion, integrity and hard work, we do provide quality SMSF Audit.

Quick turnaround

With proven processes, and ability to think outside the box, also do embrace change in technology if needed. We are able to achieve a quick turnaround.


By holding our clients in high esteem, we believe in honest and direct communications, both internally and externally with our client.

SMSF Audit Service Offering

SMSF Accounting services in different flexible packages:

SMSF Audits Pty Ltd is able to offer a truly independent, SMSF Audit service. Our focus on SMSF audits means that our client partner firms are working with one of the most technically astute SMSF audit teams in Australia.

We provide our client firms with timely and cost-effective SMSF audit solutions by operating within an efficient, compliant and confidential framework.

With vast auditing experience, our team at SMSF Audits provide a wealth of specialist knowledge and hands-on experience.

You get:

  1. Audit Report.
  2. Management Letter.
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