Why Us
SMSF Audits provides services to trustees, accountants, advisors and administrators Australia wide.

With the growth of SMSFs in the past five years (there are more than 500,000 SMSFs controlling more than $520 billion in funds) the need for accurate, expedient and thorough auditing services has thus also increased.

Few independent audit firms can offer the range of skills and expertise that we offer at SMSF Audits. We bring a strong blend of tax, accountancy, business law and superannuation auditing skills together for our clients.

We have streamlined our procedures and practices, reducing the time our experts spend on administrative duties, so they can concentrate on giving your clients’ portfolio the attention they deserve.

Our competitive fixed rates, commitment to excellence and reputation for efficiency and accuracy has seen SMSF Audits become the independent audit firm of choice for auditing and advisory services across Australia.


Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) Audit.
How we can help you

Enhance your reputation
Built on the expertise of Australia’s market leaders in SMSF audit, your clients can have complete confidence in the integrity and independence of their audit.

Retain clients
Concentrate on growth. With SMSFs expected to grow to $900 billion in 2035, our audit platform helps you retain SMSF clients while helping you grow your business.

In business, what you do is just as important as what you don’t do
It’s hard to audit your own advice. While accounting firms might have a degree of separation between their advisory and compliance divisions, in reality, these are “ethical walls” and may result in a reluctance to raise issues that could compromise the firm.

Transferring SMSF audits to an external auditor removes any doubt over independence, and helps establish the trust that successful practices are built on.

However, independence is just one reason to use an external SMSF auditor. Focus, profitability, turnaround time and expertise are also commercial considerations.

For example, SMSF audits have traditionally been a low margin activity with a high compliance cost. Using an external auditor means you can focus on more profitable activities that grow your business.

Similarly, the cost of upskilling staff may make SMSF audits an unviable revenue stream. Considering how to make the best use of limited resources should drive your decision-making.

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